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Maffi Clinics is 4 unique, integrated clinics offering the latest treatments in aesthetic rejuvenation including surgical procedures, aesthetic injection treatments, laser treatments, and skin care treatments with medical-grade skin care products.

Dr. Terry Maffi is a board-certified Scottsdale plastic surgeon and proud to have built a highly skilled team of experienced registered nurses, physician assistants and licensed medical aestheticians offering the latest treatments in aesthetic rejuvenation for men.

Maffi Men’s Clinic specializes in tailoring surgical procedures and aesthetic services to the specific needs of men. There are an overwhelming number of cosmetic treatments and an even larger variety of skin care products on the market. At Maffi Men’s Clinic, we have selectively targeted the procedures, products and services that are best tolerated and most effective for a man’s lifestyle and his skin.

Maffi Men’s Clinics knows how to treat men’s skin.

Dr. Maffi is a board-certified Phoenix plastic surgeon.

All surgical patients receive our exclusive Rejuv Kit.

Maffi Clinics’ has an exceptional reputation and provides outstanding results.

Because we know how to treat guys’ skin.

Maffi Men’s Clinics has tailored all of our treatments to specifically target the unique features and condition of men’s skin.

Men’s skin is naturally rougher than a woman’s, we need a little texture to maintain a natural look. In addition, guy’s lifestyles are different which affects our skin. Men typically have more sun exposure and use less sun protection than women. The resulting UV damage means we need specific products and treatments that target our damaged skin.

With our busy lifestyles, downtime is not something we have a lot of. Treatments for men need to be fast and effective.

And produce natural, masculine, surgical results.

The same holds true for surgery. Cosmetic surgical procedures have to be altered and designed differently for men. Men’s heads are larger, our eyebrows are lower and our facial structure in general is completely different than a woman’s. 

All of this must be considered when performing surgery on a man in order to maintain our masculine, unique features. Everyone wants to look natural, but this is especially true for a guy. A little plastic surgery goes a long way for us. 


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