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Huge advances in laser technology have been responsible for the tremendous rise in laser and light-based therapy treatment for men. Although good skin care is the foundation for a healthy, more youthful look, laser treatments are designed to take your skin to the next level. These treatments help remove stubborn age spots, soften or remove wrinkles and give your skin better tone and smoother texture.

The multitude of laser treatments offered today can be overwhelming. Maffi Clinics has narrowed this down for you, focusing on the best fit for men with busy lifestyles and specific skin care needs. The key is to get the best results with as little downtime as possible. Call today to get started 480.505.6430.


Remove brown spots


Lighten reddish discoloration


Smooth out ages, weathered skin

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Laser Facts

Men are much less tolerant of downtime associated with cosmetic procedures, which significantly affects their decision to move forward with aesthetic treatments.

BBL Photofacial is not an actual laser treatment. It is photorejuvenation therapy that is quick and easy to brighten the skin and remove brown and red discolorations. Click here to learn abuot BBL Photofacial.

Laser resurfacing is a true laser procedure that is much more aggressive than BBL Photofacial. It dramatically clears discolorations and smooths out the skin, but at the cost of significant downtime. Halo is the latest in laser resurfacing that eliminates years of damage to improve tone and texture, without the prolonged downtime. Click here to learn about Halo.


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BBL Photofacial

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