Facelift Surgery

Facelift Surgery

A facelift, also known as rhytidectomy, is not designed to change the way you look, but rather to make you look the absolute best for your age. With time, the deeper tissue in the cheeks, lower face and neck become loose, start to sag and distort the youthful, natural features of the face. With men, this results in flattened cheeks with deep nasal folds, jowels that hang over the jawline and looseness in the neck.

Typically, facelifts are thought of as a procedure for those of advanced age, when in reality there is no “right” age. The time to have a facelift is when the signs of aging have become noticeable enough that it bothers you. It is not uncommon for men to have a facelift in their 50’s in order to improve the contour of their face and recreate a defined, strong jaw and neckline.

Dr. Terry Maffi is a board-certified Scottsdale plastic surgeon and highly skilled in facial surgery. Interested in scheduling a facelift consultation to receive recommendations on what could be addressed? Call Maffi Clinics today 480.505.6430.

The goal of a facelift is to put tissue back where it belongs to restore a healthy look.

A facelift is one of the most frequently performed procedures at Maffi Surgery Clinic.

Facelift Surgery Questions

The term “facelift” is misleading since it implies that the entire face is addressed. The forehead, eyebrows, eyelids and nose are all addressed separately with different procedures. A facelift actually only addresses the lower face and is designed to lift deflated cheeks, heavy jowels (lower facial tissue hanging over the jawline) and excess skin and fullness of the neck.

Noninvasive therapies such as Facial Fillers and Botox are excellent options to refresh your face — but only up to a point. They will not address the deeper structural issues and excess sagging skin that is corrected with surgery. Nothing can improve facial definition like a facelift.   

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A facelift does sound like a daunting procedure to a lot of people — especially to a guy. It is a fairly involved procedure and you do not have the benefit of covering it with clothing while you heal (as is the case with body procedures). This being said, if the surgery is properly planned out and you know what to expect for downtime, it is very manageable. 

No, it will not. Everyone is afraid of looking stretched or too tight after a facelift, especially men. In reality, a facelift is simply repositioning the deep tissue that has fallen with gravity. The goal is to put this tissue back where it belongs and recontour the skin in order to regain definition and restore a healthy, natural look.

The incision lines from a facelift are all well hidden in the hair and behind or within the ear creases. They can be red for several weeks but are typically concealed with a tinted sunscreen that we can provide. The face skin heals extremely well and the incision lines eventually heal so that you cannot see them.

With a facelift, there is noticeable bruising and swelling that can take several weeks to dissipate. Surprisingly, there is not a lot of pain associated with this surgery. Most guys do not want anyone to know that they have had a facelift, so they opt to hang low until all the noticeable signs of surgery are gone.

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