Chin Augmentation

Every guy wants a strong chin. A distinct chin along with a sharp neckline defines the youthful, attractive nature of a man’s face. Today’s chin implants can be contoured to fit your exact anatomy giving you the result that you desire.

Chin implant surgery improves the definition and proportion of your face with very little downtime. Most men find the results to be a confidence booster and are much happier with their overall appearance and profile, especially in photographs. Dr. Maffi is a highly skilled board-certified Phoenix plastic surgeon and surgeries are performed at our discrete, on-site surgical center. Interested in learning more? Reach out and call today! 480.505.6430.

A strong chin defines an attractive face.

Improve your profile with a quick procedure and little downtime.

In some men, a large nose and small chin go together. We have options for both.

Chin Augmentation Surgery Questions

Men who would benefit from chin augmentation are those with a weak, receding chin. They wish to improve the appearance of their profile by increasing the projection of the chin.

The most popular method of augmenting a small chin is by placing a chin implant. Chin implants are made of solid silicone, as opposed to the soft silicone used in women’s breast implants. Chin implants are considered to be permanent and rarely need to be replaced

Chin implant surgery is quick and straight forward. The incision may be inside your mouth, along the crease that joins your lower lip and gums or it can be made under your chin. A small incision is made over the chin bone and the implant is inserted. The entire procedure only takes less than an hour.

You can expect some swelling of the chin for 4 – 5 days. There is minimal pain associated with placing a chin implant and bruising is typically minimal. Most guys can return to work in 5 – 7 days.

Some men may be candidates for fat grafts or filler. In these cases, there is minimal receding of the chin.  However, the procedure may need to be repeated on a regular basis.

Most men just have a small chin and only require a simple chin implant. Others, may have more complex issues, such as having the entire jawbone being pushed too far back (the chin included). In these individuals, reconstructive surgery of the jawbone may be required.

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