BBL Photofacial

Gentle, innovative phototherapy

BBL (Broad Band Light) Photofacial brings an innovative approach to phototherapy that is hands down one of the best skin treatments for guys. It is an extremely effective laser treatment, well tolerated and has no downtime.   

BBL targets the brown and red discoloration of the skin. Maffi Clinics’ BBL Photofacial evens out skin tone by removing the brown spots and patches, addresses the red blotchiness that develops over time (especially on the cheeks and around the nose) and eliminates visible blood vessels (capillaries) that pop-up as we age. 

Advanced treatments can also brighten the appearance, tighten the skin and stimulate collagen for better structure. Call 480.505.6430 to learn more. Watch our BBL Photofacial treatment video by clicking here.

An extremely effective treatment that is quick, safe and painless.

Evens out skin tone by removing brown spots and addresses red blotchiness.

Can stimulate collagen and help tighten skin to look clearer, smoother and younger.