Necklift Surgery

Necklift Surgery

A sharp, strong and defined neckline is the most attractive and youthful feature a man can have. Some guys are simply not born with it or lose it over time. Necklift surgery removes the excess fullness of the neck (double chin) and tightens the area up in order to create a defined, masculine neck and jawline.

Necklift surgery is a favorite procedure with men because of the dramatic results obtained with manageable downtime. Dr. Maffi is a board-certified Paradise Valley plastic surgeon and highly skilled in necklift surgery. Have questions or interested in scheduling a necklift consultation? Call 480.505.6430.

Necklifts require little downtime.

A necklift will help define your neck and jawline.

Necklift Surgery Questions

A mini neck lift is designed for men with a little fullness under the chin the obscures the neckline. With a small, simple incision under the chin, excess fatty tissue is removed to flatten out the area and the muscles are tightened to improve definition. The procedure is quick with minimal downtime.

A full necklift addresses extra fat under the neck, adds definition to the jawline, tightens the neck muscles and removes excess, sagging skin for a better neckline and more defined jawline. It is a little more involved than a mini necklift with longer downtime, but well worth it. 

Liposuction is typically not a good option for the neck and is rarely performed today. The neck tissue is unique, leaving it at very high risk for lumps, bumps and skin unevenness after liposuction. It can leave the neck skin loose and does not allow the added benefit of tightening the muscle to give best the definition possible.

A mini necklift leaves a small incision line under the chin that is not noticeable with time. A full necklift has the same, with the addition of an incision line concealed behind or within the ear creases and hidden in the hair. The incision lines will be red for several weeks but can be covered up with your hair (leave it a little long for this time period) and tinted sunscreen.

The downtime for a mini necklift is minimal. There will be some mild bruising and swelling in the neck for a few days, but you are back to normal and looking great at one week. Full necklifts have more downtime. It is not painful, but there is more extensive bruising and swelling of the face and neck that can last for several weeks. 

Yes. Kybella is currently the only FDA-approved treatment for fullness under the chin (submental fullness). Through tiny injections it can dissolve excess fat in the neck. It is not as powerful as surgery, but you may be a good candidate.

Click here to learn more about Kybella.

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