Nose Reshaping Surgery

Nose Reshaping Surgery (Rhinoplasty)

Even at a young age, guys can have a bump on the bridge of the nose or a large nose that is out of proportion to the rest of the face. And as we age, the nose enlarges and actually droops with time.

Nose reshaping, also known as a rhinoplasty, can remove the bump, change the shape and lift the tip, narrow the nostrils, and reduce or increase the size of the nose. Men that undergo the procedure are happy they did it and are especially excited about their improved profile in photographs. Dr. Terry Maffi is a board-certified Phoenix plastic surgeon and skilled in rhinoplasty surgery. Call Maffi Clinics to learn more or to discuss a rhinoplasty 480.505.6430.

Although you may desire a specific style, a nose that looks great on someone else may look awkward on you. One size does not fit all.

The most attractive nose is one that is in harmony with your other facial features. It should blend in, not stand out.

Rhinoplasty Surgery Questions

Rhinoplasty involves modifying both the bones (upper part) and the cartilage (lower part) of the nose for a variety of desired aesthetic results: a narrower nose, a higher bridge, a more refined tip, the removal of a bump, and so on. The procedure is relatively quick and straightforward.

A boy’s face needs to reach skeletal maturity (i.e., be fully formed) before he can have nasal surgery. This is generally age 15 at the earliest. Typically younger guys will wait until after high school to address the issues they are not happy with. It is also not uncommon for men in their 60’s to improve the contour of their nose.

Generally, those with breathing problems require reconstructive surgery and are best evaluated by an ENT nose specialist that can appropriately address these kinds of functional issues. Maffi Clinics has aligned with the most respected and trusted ENT physicians in the valley to help you treat breathing or deformity issues.

Depending on the desired new nose, the restructuring of the cartilage and bones will differ. Not all noses need to be broken. If most of your nose is cartilage, and you have very little bone, you may not have to break the nose at all. Breaking the nose is generally done more in the process of straightening a nose or narrowing a very wide bony bridge. 

Not always. Although you may desire a specific style, a nose that looks great on someone else may look awkward on you. One size definitely does not fit all.

You will have a splint on your nose for 7 days. You will be swollen and possibly have black eyes that may last a week or two. The skin on the nose holds on to swelling longer than anywhere else on the body. Believe it or not, it will take one year or longer to see the end result. Patience is important with this recovery.

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