Hair Restoration

Hair Restoration

Thanks to the latest hair transplant surgical techniques, you can have your natural hair back — permanently. Style it as you wish, wear it long or short — it’s up to you since it is your own hair. Maffi Clinics is proud to align with Dr. Sharon Keene from the Physician’s Hair Institute. Dr. Keene uses state-of-the-art equipment and technology for hair transplant surgery and redistributes existing hair using hair transplant techniques that recreates natural hairline, one of the most important elements of a successful hair transplant. 

Hair restoration results

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Dr. Keene meticulously redistributes existing hair using a hair transplant technique that recreates a natural look. She can use advanced, minimally invasive hair transplant methods, which allows for the harvesting of individual follicles from the donor area without a scalpel incision or the necessary stitches, and therefore leaves no linear scar.


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Hair Restoration questions

Male pattern baldness occurs when hair follicles in the front of the scalp, crown or both areas are genetically programmed to stop producing hair in response to dihydrotestosterone (a by product of testosterone), a male hormone. The gene that makes this happen can come from either parent, and frequently the hair loss pattern is similar among extended family members.

The majority of hair restoration centers today have technicians actually performing the procedure that may or may not be overseen by a physician. Dr. Keene is internationally recognized for her pioneering work in the hair transplant field. She has a general surgical background and she actively participates in every step of your hair restoration surgery to ensure every patient has the best result possible.

Yes and your hair transplants will be virtually undetectable by friends and family, once they have healed, leaving a natural hairline with virtually no scarring in grafted areas.

When hair is surgically moved and redistributed into the areas of hair loss, the transplanted hair experiences trauma. This typically causes what is referred to as shock loss, causing the shaft of the hair to fall out in about 1 to 6 weeks after surgery, while the root remains behind. The newly growing hair will begin to emerge in about 3 months after surgery and the hair will continue to mature and add density for up to a year.

The first three days after surgery require the greatest care and caution while the grafts are healing in place. Activity should be limited to walking and sedentary activities. Strenuous and all normal activities can be resumed 1 week after surgery. For some patients it is possible to return to work in only 3 – 4 days. Others prefer to wait an entire week when most incisions are totally healed and sutures from the donor area can be removed.

Dr. Keene uses her state-of-the-art clinic, Physicians Hair Clinic, located in Tucson, Arizona to perform all of her hair restoration procedures. She sees consultations and all follow-up appointments for her Phoenix area patients at Maffi Clinics in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Dr. Sharon Keene

Dr. Sharon Keene has helped pioneer the most advanced hair transplant techniques worldwide and is considered one of the foremost doctors in the field of hair restoration.

Dr. Keene has designed a graft holder that keeps the grafts well-hydrated during hair transplant graft placing, an important factor in graft survival. She also created a multi-recipient site scalpel that improves the efficiency of creating incisions, but keeps this critical step in the hands of the physician, not the assistants.

To read more about Dr. Keene’s credentials, click here.


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