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For some men, the physical changes in their appearance are minor and can be adjusted with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Unfortunately, as time goes on, these changes are harder to fight and surgery becomes a consideration. Although there are several highly effective nonsurgical procedures available to improve your looks and help keep your edge, in certain situations surgery is your best option.

Dr. Maffi is a highly-skilled Scottsdale board-certified plastic surgeon and Maffi Surgery Clinic offers a complete face and body assessment based on your personal goals. Your privacy, safety, satisfaction and trust are our highest priorities. Call to schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Maffi 480.505.6430.

Plastic Surgery for Men

Commonly asked questions and concerns.

With surgery, there is downtime, but it is manageable when you know what to expect. We are all busy, but the recovery period is less than most guys think. If you plan ahead and stay low for a week or so, you will be back in the mix and looking great in a short amount of time.

Absolutely not. The main goal of surgery is to regain your natural features that have been lost with time, genetics and gravity. We are essentially “putting things back where they belong” and “cleaning-up” your appearance. With proper surgical technique and experience, you should not look different or distorted. Ever. 

There are some guys that simply are not born with the definition or structure that they would like in order to maximize a handsome, masculine look. Typical areas are the nose, neckline, jawline, abdomen and chest. There are surgical procedures specific to each of these areas that are designed to improve contour and refine your features.

Cosmetic surgical procedures have to be altered and designed differently for men since our facial structure is completely different than a woman’s. These nuances must be considered when performing surgery on a man in order to maintain our masculine, unique features. Everyone wants to look natural, but this is especially true for a guy.


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Male cosmetic surgery has increased by 43% over the past 5 years.

Eye lid surgery is the most powerful procedure to improve the appearance and make you look refreshed and less tired.

Surgical procedures must be adjusted when performing cosmetic surgery on men in order to preserve masculine features and deliver natural-looking results.

Man Facts

Male cosmetic procedures have increased dramatically as men are taking affirmative steps to refine and maintain their well-groomed look. Check out the percentage increases on these 3 surgical procedures.


Male Eyelid Lifts


Male Necklifts


Male Hair Transplants

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Maffi Exclusive

The Rejuv Kit: 5 Complimentary Maffi Men’s Clinic Extras

We proudly offer The Rejuv Kit as a complimentary gift to every Maffi surgical patient which includes:

  • A revitalizing Micropeel skin care treatment
  • A BBL Photofacial treatment to refresh and revitalize your face
  • Medical-grade skin care products
  • Healthy nutritional supplements to promote healing
  • One complimentary area of Botox


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Flying in for your Maffi Men’s Clinics procedure? Here are the recommended accommodations and dining close to our clinic. Need assistance? Just ask — will be happy to help. Learn more.

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