Structural Fat Grafting

Structural Fat Grafting Surgery

Even as early as our 30’s, men start to lose volume in their face. The natural fat pads under the skin shrink and fade, leaving the face deflated with loss of definition. 

Microfat grafting is designed to replace this lost tissue and restore facial volume. Microfat grafts add structure to redefine features, lifting sagging tissue to help you look more youthful, defined and refined. The fat is taken from your body (typically the abdomen), processed into microparticles and then injected underneath the surface of the skin.

Microfat grafts can help improve the dark circles and grooves under the eyes, lift sunken cheeks, fill the deep folds next to the nose, and are perfect for creating a stronger chin and jawline. The goal of microfat grafting is not to create a fuller face, but rather to lift and add support leaving you with a natural looking, youthful appearance. The procedure is quick, easy and can be performed in the office with little downtime. Dr. Terry Maffi is a board-certified Paradise Valley plastic surgeon and highly skilled in fat grafting. Have questions or interested in learning more? Call Maffi Clinics 480.505.6430.

Microfat grafting replaces lost tissue and restores facial volume for more definition.

Microfat grafting is quick and easy with little downtime required.

Microfat Grafting Surgery Questions

Yes. One of the benefits of microfat grafting is that the procedure can easily be performed in the office at Maffi Clinics under local anesthetic (simple numbing shots). Avoiding general anesthesia (going to sleep) and the operating room means less hassle, less cost and a quick recovery.

The fat is gently removed from the abdomen or love handles and processed. It is then carefully reinjected into specific areas of the face and/or jawline with small needle-type canullas, leaving only small punctures in the skin. There are no incisions and no stitches. Pain after the procedure is minimal and the bruising and swelling only lasts for a few days. Most men are back to normal in less than a week.

Both procedures will lift deflated areas, fill flattened tissue and add structure to weak features. Fillers are quick with instant results, but is only temporary and requires continuous treatments to maintain the results.

Microfat grafts are considered “permanent” since the fat injected is a living substance and mixes with the natural tissue in the face. The only drawback is that not every singe fat cell survives the procedure so it will “go down” a little initially after the injections. Typically, the area is injected with enough fat to account for this, but may require a touch-up.

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Microfat grafts are increasingly popular and quickly becoming one of the most common procedures performed, especially in men. The procedure is very well liked because it creates a healthier, more youthful and attractive face in ways that even surgery cannot do. It is important that you see a board certified plastic surgeon that is well experienced in the treatment to ensure that you will achieve optimal results with no distortion or unwanted excess fullness.

This is a typical concern, but thankfully this is not the case. If you were to gain weight after facial microfat grafting, your face will gain weight proportional to the rest of your body.

Celebrities who look “fat” or distorted have typically been over filled too many times with the procedure. That will not happen at Maffi Clinics. Fat is injected in order to restore the small amount of volume that is lost with age, or to add subtle structure and definition to areas of the face that a guy may not have been born with. 

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